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A datathon is a time-bound competition to create data-driven solutions to address a business case with data provided and leveraging your creativity and analytics skillset.

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Why participate in a datathon?

Based on my experience, a datathon is an effective way to polish and build up your analytics skills and contribute to something meaningful with the added benefit of working with data from a different industry than your everyday work. I recommend participating in a datathon even if you don’t have extensive data analysis skills because the journey helps you figure out how to approach a business problem and being…

Scrum events will bring the structure that you have been missing to your hackathon

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Scrum is a lightweight approach to help generate value through adaptive solutions for complex problems. Scrum is widely used in the software industry to develop software iteratively so as to generate value at every increment.

A hackathon is a short sprint (typically 36–48 hours) to create a functioning product by the end of the event that solves the problem defined by the organizer of the hackathon. Hackathons are focused on one product goal where a team with diverse skillsets comes together to create the end product.

Quick Note — This approach modifies the traditional Scrum framework to fit a very…

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